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Chemical weapons and other hypocrisies

It's nice that when the chemical plant that was captured was determined to not be a weapon site, no one ran the story. Especially considering how the mainstream media was so happy to speculate that this was justification for the war. It's great too, that we are using napalm, which was banned as a chemical weapon in 1980.

"It is now estimated the hill was hit so badly by missiles, artillery and by the Air Force, that they shaved a couple of feet off it. And anything that was up there that was left after all the explosions was then hit with napalm. And that pretty much put an end to any Iraqi operations up on that hill." From CNN.

This has (obviously) been denied by the pentagon, but the marine officers that led the assault on Safwan Hill confirm that napalm was indeed used.

As a sidenote, while Rummy is saying that Iraq broke the Geneva Conventions by showing American POW's faces on TV "for the purpose of parading them" around, US media has done the same thing with Iraqi POWs. Not that it's right in either case, but that's like throwing a rock at your brother and then getting mad when he picks it up and throws it right back at you.

Man, I hope this war ends soon.
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